What is the key strength of the MCA?

The curriculum of the MCA ensures that students are exposed to the latest information and knowledge in the Computer Science domains. MCA students are equipped to manage Computer Software and Hardware processes holistically.

How is the Programme offered by MCA different from those offered by other college or Universities?

MCA offers a three or two-year full-time course, its flagship programme which stands for Master of Computer Applications and has a specialised focus on Mobile Computing, Open Source Technologies as well as ERP and Recent trends in Information Technology. This programme helps to develop a holistic understanding of Information Technology and the growing importance of effective communication in Information Technology.

What are the eligibility criteria for applying to MCA?

Admission to the MCA programme requires a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science or Application (in keeping with the 10 + 2 + 3 system) or an equivalent qualification in any discipline recognised by the Association of Indian Universities (AIU).

Candidates should apply to MCA with their scores of MAT2014/15 (Feb/May/Sept/Dec) / CMAT2014/15 (Feb/May/Sept/Dec).

What is the Validity of MAT/CMAT?

MAT2014/15 (Feb/May/Sept/Dec) / CMAT2014/15 (Feb/May/Sept/Dec).

Does MCA offer student exchange and learning Programmes with foreign universities?

Yes, MCA has collaborations with many international esteemed university/institutes.
To know more about this visit: www.ampics.ac.in

Apart from academics, what are the other ‘on campus’ activities at MCA?

The institute encourages students to participate in extra-curricular activities for holistic growth. There are a number of formal and informal student-run committees at MCA that organise events throughout the year. You can know more about these committees visit: www.ampics.ac.in

What is the number of seats in MCA?

We have two entries point in MCA programme which basis on AICTE rules and regulation.

The Student get admission in First Year based on Any Graduate Programme and maximum intake for MCA (First Year) is 120 students.

The Student get admission in Second Year based on Computer Graduate Programme and maximum intake for MCA (Second Year) is 120  + 20 % of 120 = 144 students.

Does MCA award a degree or diploma?

MCA awards a Post Graduate Degree which is approved by the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) , Association of Indian Universities (AIU), Ganpat University under the rules and regulation of UGC.

What are the specialisations offered in MCA?

The following specialisations are offered in the MCA Programme. 

• Open Source Technology in PHP as well as ASP
• Mobile Computing in Android as well as I-Phone
• Enterprise Resource Planning
• Artificial Intelligence

The single most important aspect that makes MCA stand apart from the other computer schools in the country is the strength and design of its curriculum. The specialisations in the curriculum are continuously updated based on feedback from the alumni and faculty, drawn from practicing their professions and academics respectively.

What are the placement statistics of MCA?

MCA students have had 100% placement for several years in a row now. For details of the industry sector and companies, please refer to the placement section of www.ampcis.ac.in.