Institute has a very rich resource center which is fully computerized using SOUL Integrated library Management Software The Collection of the library is available online through WEB-OPAC  facility of the SOUL software. The edifice of library is very spacious and provides enough space for Reading, Video Viewing, Newspaper Clipping and Internet Surfing. The resource center is constantly being updated with new books of Computer Application & Information Technology, GK, Communication Skills etc as well as with National and International Journals, Publications, Periodicals, Magazines etc.Library is fully Wi-Fi Connected with INTERNET at all node of the library for the Purpose of access of E-Journals, Educational Resources During all the working hour s of the Library.

Library Resource Center serves as a creative and innovative partner in supporting the teaching, learning and research related activities of the Institute. With the state-of-the-art facilities, the Resource Center is contributing to the Institute's mission of becoming the one of the best Institutes in the areas of Information and Technology.

The collection of the Resource Center is rich and diverse. Collection encompasses subject of computer science, information technology, communication skills, GK and related areas. This collection includes, books,, reference books, tutorials CD&DVDs. Resource Center has more than 15000 books, 1900 CD's/DVDs and subscription of number of national and international journals, magazines and periodicals. Collection of Resource Center is growing rapidly and we hope to add more and more resources every year.

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