Name Email Address Extension No
Dr. Satyen M. Parikh, 2501
Dr. Nirbhay Chaubey 2501
Dr. Jyotindra Nathalal Dharwa 2508
Dr. Bhaveshkumar Rambhai Patel
Dr. Hiral A. Patel 2507
Dr. Ketan Dahyalal Patel ketan.patel[AT]ganpatuniversity[dot]ac[dot]in 4125
Dr. Ajay Patel 4121
Mr. Chandrakant D. Patel (M.C.A.) cdp02[AT]ganpatuniversity[dot]ac[dot]in
Dr.Saurabh Amrutlal Dave
Mr. Amit Suthar (Ph.D. pursuing, M.C.A.) abs01[AT]ganpatuniversity[dot]ac[dot]in 4124
Mr. Indravadan S. Patel (Ph.D. pursuing, M.C.A.) isp01[at]ganpatuniversity[dot]ac[dot]in 4124
Mr.Sanjay B. Patel 2507
Mr. Bharat Prajapati (Ph.D Pursuing, M.C.A.)
Ms.Sonal Patel
Gondaliya Chetan Pravinbhai
Dhara Natvarlal Darji
Ms. Deepika Patel djp01[AT]ganpatuniversity[dot]ac[dot]in
Dr. Meghna B. Patel
Ms.Chavda Vishnuba H.
Mr. N. S. Patel 2507
Mr.Mehulkumar D. Patel 2508
Dr.Jigneshkumar A.Chauhan jigneshkumar.chauhan[AT]ganpatuniversity[dot]ac[dot]in 2507
Ms. Falguni A. Suthar 2506
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